CPEL specialise in manufacturing and repairing hydraulic cylinders and rams. We can have new chrome rods made and fitted as well as new cast iron neck bushes and pistons made and fitted, seals supplied, cylinders reassembled and tested. Non-standard manifolds, fittings and feed pipes can be made and fitted. Eyes built up or sleeved and machined for pins or swivel bearings and circlip grooves re-machined. We can also provide a re-chroming service for large diameter or hollow rods.

Hydraulic Ram Repairs

Hydraulic cylinder repair and refurbishment can often be quicker and cheaper than sourcing new equipment. Our service includes an assessment where we will tear down your faulty hydraulic cylinder and diagnose the extent of repair work that may be required. Following our inspection we may advise that a hydraulic cylinder repair is not viable, or that your repaired cylinder may be unreliable or prone to poor performance in future. If this is the case then we will explain why and quote for a replacement.

Our in-house services include the design, manufacture and testing of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, mild steel hydraulic cylinders and custom bespoke solutions to suit customer needs. Many of our hydraulic cylinders are made to measure – with sizes, materials and mountings customised for each application. Stainless steel hydraulic rams are manufactured with top-quality F51 Duplex stainless steel rods and 316 stainless steel bodies.

To find out more, or to obtain a quote for machining or other engineering work, please submit the Inquiry form or call Pat Cronin for a quote at 023-8845498.