Cronin Precision Engineering Ltd.

Engineering Components Repair

It is usually more cost-effective to repair a component than replacing it with a new one. If you have a broken engineering component, we can repair it.

Engineering Repair Services

    • Axle beams refurbished (from stubs axles to full axel beam units)
    • Balance shaft to propeller shafts in cars and commercial vehicles
    • Boring 2-metre diameters
    • Bushes and pins made to order in any material (Nitro hardened etc)
    • Fitting new universal joints
    • Gas brazing
    • Grinding 3-metre centres
    • Guillotine blade grinding
  • Guillotine blade manufacturing
  • Guillotine blade sharpening
  • Seized bearing reclamation (of axle ends)
  • Turning 5-metre centres
  • Welding (MIG welding and TIG welding)

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